Our Story

Building Something That Lasts

To furnish the small, weird flats I lived in throughout my twenties, I’d take stuff off the pavement – re-purposing it to work in the space. It was free, and it felt good to be reusing materials that would’ve gone into landfill.

When I finally treated myself to a brand-new chair from a big online store, a leg broke within the week. I was gutted. But that stupid chair pushed me to build things that’ll last a lifetime or more, and that won’t end up at the tip.

Challenging Throwaway Culture

The rate at which we throw stuff away comes with a price. I’m not going to pretend I can change throwaway culture by making my own furniture, but I can do my best to challenge it. And so can you. 

Where we can, we’re working with local suppliers to use locally sourced, sustainable materials. I try to turn all my off-cuts into something useful. And I make everything to order, so there’s no stockpile of wood sitting around doing nothing.

You can find out more about the materials I use and where they come from here.

Making Something Together

With that in mind, I want you to keep your Quanström for years – hopefully, to pass it down through generations. So it’s important to me that you feel connected to the piece that I make for you. To make sure that’s the case, I’d love for you to be involved in the whole process, from design to delivery.

If that sounds like something you want too, come and say hi! We’re at 136 Magdalen Street if you want to drop in. You can call on 01603 440601. If the internet is more your style, email us on hello@quanstromstudios.com. We’d love to hear from you.